Structurally speaking, a debate has five main parts:

1. Summary

2. Position

3. Arguments

4. Rebuttals

5. Conclusion

Most debates also have rules about their resources. These serve to act as constraints. They are:

  • Time
  • Votes

The purpose of the discussion is to come to a decision about a complex…

The purpose of a debate is to arrive at a decision. The point of arriving at a decision is to review options. And the reason for reviewing options is to attain clarity around the problem or issue that you’re trying to resolve. Essentially, a decision is like a vote.


It isn’t as though people don’t want to vote, it’s just that they don’t want to make a decision.


Making decisions is hard because you always think in the back of your mind, did I make the right decision or were there other options open that I should have…

“I hate politics. I don’t understand Congress. And I have no idea about who to vote for in the election.” That’s what I used to say until the political gene turned on in my late 30's.

For me, politics was boring and nobody cared. Congress was just a bunch of…

John Thibault

Founder, CEO iLobby & Author How to Change a Law, SWAY and The Political Game. Change policy and see around corners.

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